My Tenant

My Tenant is an intelligent arrears management service designed to support tenants. My Tenant reduces arrears, evictions and homelessness by utilising tenant data to create alternative payment plans and flexible payment dates that suit the needs and the cash-flow of the tenant. The lack of flexibility in how tenancies are being managed is a major cause of tenants falling into arrears, often as the result of unexpected changes in circumstances concerning employment and health.

Identifying tenants in need of support, and providing them with the appropriate services and advice, is a tremendous responsibility and creates time-consuming relationships. My Tenant reduces the administration involved in managing arrears, so that those employed in the sector can utilise their time most effectively and provide improved levels of support to those that are most vulnerable and at risk of eviction.

The tenant community is set to grow at twice the rate of the working population, and over a third of tenants in private rented accommodation live in poverty. Improving the wellbeing of tenants and encouraging systemic change in the housing sector is fundamentally necessary to ensure our communities are in a position to thrive.

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