Hackney Circle

Mortar works in partnership with the Communications, Culture and Engagement team at Hackney Council to support the growth and development of Hackney Circle, the council’s free membership group for older residents to access and participate in the boroughs’ creative and cultural opportunities.

Hackney Circle was founded in 2014 by the council to ensure older residents have the chance to benefit from Hackney’s regeneration and enjoy the borough’s mainstream cultural activities, venues and events. Mortar has been supporting the capacity of the membership as it grows beyond 350 members to reach as many of Hackney’s older residents as possible. We are supporting Hackney Council in building a network of local cultural venues, organisations and businesses, enabling them to work more collectively in providing better access and promotion of their activities to Hackney Circle members.

Our goals for Hackney Circle are to support ongoing collaboration with Hackney’s housing and health sectors, and the implementation of better digital tools to support the engagement process, freeing up the time and resources of council and partner staff to be able to reach Hackney’s more isolated and vulnerable older residents.

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